We are metaphor research consultants and business strategists

Our personal appetites for discovery and the desire to push beyond the limit of what is often done in research led us to Gerald Zaltman of the Harvard Business School and his groundbreaking Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique. It was as licensees and practitioners of the technique that we launched InnerViews and have for over a decade helped clients build their business by revealing the inner view of how their customers think. We are also licensees of Meta4 Insight, an online platform that enhances the speed and breadth of going deep.

Archetypally, we are deep-sea divers

Our ongoing search for thought leaders working on innovative methodologies that dive below the surface has resulted in an array of discovery tools and partnerships which allows us to deliver business building insights across a wide array of business categories and challenges.

Attitudinally, we are collaborators

We enjoy working with cross-functional client and agency teams.   We look for opportunities to tap into different types of expertise depending on the business problem we are solving for.



Eunice Hogeveen



Our promise to clients is that we will deliver compelling, profound and actionable insights for solving your business challenge. We are storytellers who uncover, inform and inspire. We share a relentless desire to help clients find new ways of seeing things.


Betty Hutchins 



We get a great deal of satisfaction uncovering what motivates people.  We love hearing that clients are not only inspired by the insights but that the strategic framework developed guides everything they do. We strive never to lose our deep-seated curiosity.