Challenges that our work addresses


InnerViews is a Toronto-based research firm dedicated to uncovering how customers think. We use innovative metaphor-based research to gain new perspectives on what lies below the surface, so that business leaders are able to maximize opportunities by getting to what really matters to their customers.



Identifying Positioning Terrains

Uncovering category insights in order to understand where the brand is and the white space opportunity.


Unearthing Brand DNA

Exploring what your brand means to consumers by unearthing its' essence and the story that needs to be told.  



Inspiring Customer Segmentation

Creating profiles that reveal the motivations and values behind the demographics and attitudes of your key target audiences.



Informing Customer Experience 

Fuelling a design that taps into how the customer wants to feel in their experience with the brand, service or organization.



Optimizing Creative

Revealing how and why advertising campaigns are speaking or not to consumers and delivering or not against the creative brief so that campaigns deliver against their stated objectives.



Stimulating Innovation

Using deep insights into how customers think about the category, business or brand to inspire blue ocean strategy work.


Going deep, we discover the world below the surface—the triggers of human behaviour

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To explore deep-seated thoughts and feelings demands research designed around tools that access the subconscious. Images, storytelling and metaphors are the tools and are always a part of our work. We tailor fit these tools to the methodology that will best deliver against the business objectives and budget: online surveys, one-on-one interviews, diaries, ethnography, small groups or some combination of these.