Adding emotions to the brew at Second Cup

Canada's 40 year old coffee retail brand, The Second Cup, has undertaken a massive 're-imagination' project which coffee lovers can experience first hand by visiting their ‘cafe of the future’ opened in December 2014 at King and John in downtown Toronto. 

The 're-imagination' aims for a premium experience and features an impressively long list of experience dimensions and clues designed to put  'fresh' back into Second Cup’s coffee culture. Most notable to us are the brewing 'theatre' at a slow bar, murals celebrating the neighbourhood and the artist inspired cups pictured above. 

We love that cups were created to express each of Second Cup’s corporate values: optimism, creativity and collaboration. We hope the customer’s desired emotions in the experience become more central as the re-imagination effort continues. We believe a compelling way to continue is to think about the intersection between those corporate values and how customers want to feel in their cafe experience.   

The opportunity as we see it is for Second Cup to move beyond how it wants to operate, to delivering on how customers want to feel in their experience with them.  If optimism is indeed a desired emotional outcome, then all experience dimensions should be intentionally and systematically designed and tested for their contribution to feelings of optimism.   It represents the best way to evolve this amazing café of the future and solidify the brand relationship in a crowded category.