Meta4 Survey Tool



Meta4 Insight is the online survey platform we use. It was developed by Protobrand for administering metaphor elicitation studies in a fast and scalable fashion. The interface is device agnostic, which means that respondents can take the survey on any device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone. It enables researchers to derive emotionally rich, qualitative data from hundreds of precisely targeted respondents as they share their subconscious thoughts and feelings. The platform builds on decades of academic work in metaphor theory and visual communication. It features a validated image library of more than 500 images that have been selected to enable people to fully express their deep-seated thoughts and feelings through visual metaphors. 

Meta4 Insight disrupts current market research practices in numerous ways. It enables collection of quantitative and qualitative data through a single process, overthrowing conventional thinking that a market research study is either qualitative or quantitative. Further, it meets industry demand for quick turnaround time, projectable sample sizes as well as global deployment.