Here are some examples of our work.   Each study is tailor fit to address the unique set of client goals and budget.


Increasing resonance and relevance

Refreshing the brand story


Uncovering the brand essence of a mass market wine among brand lovers in order to connect with consumers and increase purchase and consumption.


Understanding the archetypal place called Sawmill Creek through 1-on-1 metaphor elicitation interviews. Deep dive work uncovered the emotional connection between the brand and core consumers that triggered consumption. The rich ‘backcountry ‘ brand story developed from insights inspired an out of home advertising campaign that was able to break through category clutter.

Tracking study results showed unaided awareness increasing sharply in the following year with results driven by advertising that resonated emotionally.



Putting movement back into emergency

Inspiring customer experience design


Helping a children's hospital see the emergency room experience through the eyes of patients and families for design inspiration.


Conducting 1-on-1 metaphor elicitation interviews with children and their caregivers to explore the desired emergency room experience. The selection of images collected by participants for their storytelling exercise unearthed a 'second story' as many of the images featured moving waters. This ‘second story’ revealed the healing qualities of moving waters and of the deep desire for movement back to normalcy.  

 Integrating many ‘movement’ clues such as water fountains, art and staff language into the experience re-design contributed to an increased score on the key ‘sensitivity to patient needs’ benchmark  



Designing 'curation' into shopping

Exploring positioning terrains


A retail chain found itself with an older customer demographic and an absence of understanding how a younger demographic might want to shop for artisanal products for themselves and others.


Using the Meta4 online platform, younger shoppers with an interest in artisanal products were surveyed and the results compared to those of the older shoppers.  The strength of the insights came from the intersection of the brand DNA, the positioning of the desired experience and the meaning of buying artisanal gifts.

An array of ’ hunting metaphors’  inspired the reinvention team to design elements of simplicity and wonder into a retail experience of 'gathering' beauty from the world